Compatibility Conflict

Compatibility Conflict

I am new to outsystems and was testing to see if I could connect to our existing oracles systems. However, when I attempted to publish via the Integrator, I got the error message "The Extension database type (Oracle) is not compatible with the current Platform Database type (SqlServer). Is there a document somewhere that shows which versions are compatible with each other? Also, I'm wondering if I need to do some kind of setup on the IIS Server to work with Oracle.
Hi Rebecca, welcome to our network!

You installed the community edition and you're trying to connect to a Oracle database designing an extension in Integration Studio, is that correct?

If so, have you see this demo

You can also check this online help about Supported Configurations for Import Entities from Database

If more help needed just say.

Hi Rebecca,

I think your problem is in fact very simple. What happens is that you have set the extension DBMS property to ORACLE. This means that this extension can only be published in a Platform Server that is running over ORACLE. This is not what you want to do - you should put this value either to SQL Server or Both (because you are in fact publishing in a Platform Server that is running over SQL Server).

You can there configure the database connection to ORACLE in Service Center and create the integration module in Integration Studio.
Conclusion: you are creating an extension that will connect to ORACLE that will be published in a Platform Server that runs over SQL Server.

See the video about Existing Database Integration (that Ricardo referred in his previous post) to see how this is done.

You can also read the Import Entities from a Database section in the Service Studio online help to know more about importing entities from external systems.


Daniel Lourenço