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I am currently trying to develop a table with data being populated from a record list where the data come from aggregate. And, I wish to go to a popup window to add new record into the record list which is not saved into database yet, only then saved into database when user submit the form in another tab (same screen).

My concern is, how can I add the new record into the existing record list on screen from the popup's SAVE action when it doesn't pass the form id to the popup as the form is not yet saved into database. Also, how can I remove any of the populated record in the record list shown on screen when neither the form or the record list has been saved into database?


You can use the list function and list variables to achieve this solution.

1. Create a list variable of table data type

2. Get data from aggregate and fill above list

3. Send data from child to parent in the form of a list variable and add that record in the existing list



Inside the pop up you can create your UI in web block when you click save in pop you trigger the event with list record and in the parent you use a handler to append to the table list.

Note: suppose if you multiple tabs in your page and then if you want to save your list record only at the last tab, in that case you can create a local variable of type table record(record list) and from the pop up you keep  appending to this list at the last tab you can use this list to save

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Hi Junior,

In support with the previously mentioned solution statements from experts, I have created a sample app based on your requirement, hope this helps you as well!

See this sample app

Please find the attached .oml solution file


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