Moving data from Test to QA

Moving data from Test to QA

We would like to move all database contents from our Test environment to our QA environment.
(About 40 tables)

There are references from those tables to existing UserId's in Enterprise manager which we would ofcourse also like to move to our QA environment.
Creating a Backup of the Test database content and restoring this on QA brings up issues with the Enterprise manager.

Is there any documentation for this type of 'migration'?

Hi Eric,

The only way supported by Outsystems is the total migration of the DB... including the EM tables.
I also have the same need as you and haven't found a simple solution to it, if you do please share it!

Hermínio Mira
Hi Eric, 

for the moment there is no easy way to do that data migration. (I think i've saw it in wisdom of the Crowds)

As Hermínio said, you can clone and restore the database from one environment to another, and for that there is a technical note: Migrating an Environment Using a Database Clone in version 6.0 (or earlier)

If you just want to migrate the business data, remember to download the "ALL espaces and extensions" solution from the QA environment before you start the clone process, and after the clone process you can publish the solution backup you've made.

if more help needed, just say so :)

A clone is exactly what we are trying to avoid tbh.

What if something serious happens in our production environment and we need to move our entire production data (but not the Outsystems system entries) to another database server?

We are currently exploring this case (a "data"move, but not the entire environment), before we go live.

There really should be some way of doing this, apart from the cloning.

This exact issue is on the wish-list in the Wisdom of the Crowds.

I would love a way to select which data to clone/copy to another environment 'the easy way'

I see there will probably be issues when the user-id's in both environments are not the same - there probably needs to be some mapping/translation in the process..

I'd also love to know of a smart solution!

Hi Didier,

i agree with you, there should be a simple way on doing that...that's why we all should digg this idea ;)


EDIT: there is a tool for sql server that can help in some cases, Database Publishing Wizard , it might help.

The Database Publishing Wizard enables the deployment of SQL Server databases (both schema and data) into a shared hosting environment. The tool supports both SQL Server 2005 and 2000 and does not require that source and target servers are the same version.
Hi Ricardo,

I digged that idea ;)

Hi Guy's,

Thanks for your reply.
I believe this is a pretty basic requirement and hope it will be a major prio.

Dugg the WOTC threat.



Hi all,

is this question already solved? (one year after the latest post)

Hi Frits, 

Sort of ;) In the Wisdom of the Crowds 'thread' it is marked as solved, with the remark that because of support for different database-catalogs per espace migration/moving will be easier.

I still think an (outsystems) specific tool that lets you select espaces and entities and a target platform installation and 'migrate' all data.

At the moment I'm looking into off-the-shelf SQL backup-restore solutions, but have not found the holy grail yet. has a tool that sounds promising (sql toolbelt) but have not had the time to try it out yet.

I agree that OUTSystems should provide a tool like that to make it easier.

and the "solved" WoTC does NOT solve our initial problem IMHO.

Do you try the resource IMPORT/EXPORT from SLQ Server?

Select * from ossys_entity where name like '%<ENTITY NAME>%' ans is_active=1

Return the table name of active entity