Hi there,

can anyone explain how to comapare textboxes in login form and user can login.

please explain breifly by an example.

thankyou in advance

Hi Rohan,

I hope you are using outsystem ready login form and there is default validation in this.

So can you explain what you want achive.


Rahul Sahu

Hi Rohan, 

 "how to comapare textboxes in login form "  

If i am true , is it your meaning "How to validate user inputs (username and password) at Login Button in form . 

Or is it different that you want to ask ?


do you mean custom login?

are you not using the OutSystems user module for user authentication.

Please elaborate more.


The "Login" screen is a normal screen. The  "Log In" button calls a normal action as the one in the image bellow . 

You can use it the same way any other screen action, the only mandatory thing is the action "User_Login" (that I sign as a  ) this is the platform action that performs the log in the application. 

But remember before "User_Login" your user is not yet logged in the system.

Hope this helps