Fresh updates in online training!


Another week, another update on the online training content!

This time, we haven't added new courses... Instead we've updated several of the existing ones - making them more detailed and answering to feedback we've been receiving, keep it coming!

What changed?

  • Blocks and Events: A lesson fully dedicated to the On Parameters Changed event was added.
  • Logic: Added the Variables lesson which contains relevant information about inputs, outputs and local variables, structures and lists in OutSystems.
  • Building Reactive Web Forms: a new demo showing how to use the Upload widget has been added.
  • Modeling Data: Extended the Database Entities lesson with the Default Values and Data Type Inference.
  • Reactive UI Development: Added info to the UI Development lesson about OutSystems widgets being responsive depending on the screen size of the device


Reach out with you comments and feedback.

Hello Miguel,

i watched the 5 new / changed lessons to see wat is new and what changed.

The voiceover seems to be a little slower and i like that, previoulsy the voice was a little bit rushed.

And what is good about the voice that it not constantly saying 'let's do this, let's do that' anymore. After i few video's that gets annoying.

The way you show the basic types and default values is very clear, i like that.

Kind Regards, Sven

Thanks for the update, just waiting for a free time to watch these lessons again

Thanks for the update Miguel.

Good to know. Cheers !

Thank you for this update :)