Ajax Refresh and Edit Records

Ajax Refresh and Edit Records

Hello everyone.

Could you please check the attached oml?

I have this doubt : Why does not an Edit Record reload from it's source record after an Ajax Refresh? TableRecords does reload...

I work it around by filling the EditRecord screen variables...but i think this is not the best thing to do....

Anyone to clarify this for me?


Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hi Diogo.

I'm not sure I properly understood of the problem you're facing here, but let me try to contribute with my 2 cents.

I downloaded your eSpace, and  debugged it. The moment you first enter the "RefrescarEntidade" action, the "ProcessoEditRC" variable hasn't been set to anything. That's why, when refresh the widget, it will refresh the widget and set it to "empty", since the variable is still empty. The EditRecord is reloaded, but since the variable it's based on hasn't been set to anything yet, that's why it is set to empty.

I think that the way you're doing it works fine. What exactly were you expecting it to be like?

Probably I just told you something that wasn't what you were looking for, and that you already knew :) If that's the case, let me know so that I can understand the issue better!


Paulo Tavares
Hello Paulo,

Thanks for the reply.

You are correct, when i enter RefrescarEntidade ProcessoEditRC is empty, but afterwards i assign to ProcessoEditRC.Entidade the query result ....

Then, when i load the screen after my ajax refresh, i should be seeing the value ProcessoEditRC recently got, but instead i just see that my EditRecord did not reload it's values from ProcessoEditRC, and it makes me to force assign into EditRecord....

The question is : Why doesn't EditRecord widget reloads from its ProcessoEditRC source after an ajax refresh?

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
hi diogo, have you found an actual solution?

i seem to be having the same/similar problem:
- i have a list, with a block above it, which contains an edit record for the selected list record
- when i click something from the list, it correctly passes the ID and refreshs the block
- in the edit record preparation, the data is loaded correctly
- but then the edit record comes up empty
eventhough the source record is set to the GetEntity.List.Current query result

thank you