Google Maps


I'm developping a web app in traditional web and i'm using google maps to support my app. 

I have a map and i'm using markers, and i can change the infowindow perfectly as i want, but when i try to do it in a Route Map and i cant access to infowindow. 

My Routemap works perfect with waypoints but now i would like to change the data in infowindow. Add a title instead address (standard information) ?

Anyone knows how can i change and fix it ?

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Hey Hugo! so your question is how to change a title in your infowindow? Are you asking in regards as a user of the platform or on the code-level? If it's the code level then look at the function and change the title there. If you're talking about interacting with your Maps, opening an info window on a marker will automatically update the position.

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