[Discovery] No results when creating a snapshot in version 5.0.8

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Published on 23 Aug by Davide Duarte
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Published on 23 Aug by Davide Duarte

Hi folks,

Been noticing this a couple of weeks ago: snapshots feature in Discovery doesn't seem to work - though I can't find any errors or anomalies - any guesses?

...the screen capture just stays the same all the time.

I don't get anything in the logs (errors, general, etc.)...

Thanks for any guidance!

...ok, I just debugged DiscoveryProbe\SnapShot_LoadLatest, triggered by the capture new snapshot button, and it seems I already have my latest snapshot.

Suggestion to owner: please review /Discovery/Snapshots screen, since it is not returning any feedback to end-user.



Any news regarding this matter? We are now seeing outdated Architecture Dashboard warnings due to the (also outdated) findings from Discovery tool...

...it seems we still have that last snapshot from 5th Jun - so no analysis of the whole past month!

Any suggestions on how to tackle this?