SendPushNotification using OneSignal

Hello All,

I want to implement PushNotification using OneSignal plugin.

I have two modules for user interface (UI) and service, I have added service dependency into my UI module.

On UI side in 'OnApplicationReady' event I have used 'Register' client action and registered my device.

On Service side, I have added OneSignal Api dependency.

My requirement is to call a service method from UI and then in service method send push notification to other user (who may be online or may not be online at given time)

The issue, is when I call service method, control comes in service method (I debugged till here and it works), however when I call "SendPushNotificationToUserId" method, it throws "400 Bad Request". Please see attached stacktrace.txt

My doubt is, do I need to have a "Register" on service side as well?

I tried downloading and executing OneSignalPluginSample, but even that is throwing 400 Bad Request.

Can someone help?




Better to post it in the support section for the plugin. That way the team gets notified and you'll have a better chance for a timely revert.