Question about "Has Notifications" property


I'm preparing the upgrade from 4.2 to 5.0 and in this process I need to upgrade an eSpace that uses some copied content from richwidgets but translated to portuguese.

This "has notifications" didn't exist in 4.2 and, supposedly, checks itself on/off automatically if your webblock uses and "notifywidget" in its code. I'm trying to copy the "list_lateload" and when I paste it it loses the "has notifications" which I need...
I already seen that if I use the "notifywidget" in an action it works but not on the preparation, so why does it work on the original and not on the exact copy from it?

Hermínio Mira
There was a problem in ServiceStudio that cause this property to become false after copy/pasting or merging a Web Block with the NotifyWidget in the Preparation.
The next 5.0 maintenance release will have this fixed.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra

Hi Gustavo,

But even when creating a new webblock from scratch and using the "notifywidget" on the preparation it doesn't check this property to true, it only works if I use it in a screen action.
But the "list_lateload" uses it on the preparation and it works...

Hermínio Mira