Opinion On Entering Item Detail Information In a Reactive Web Application


Looking for best practice as to how I would enter Item Detail information to PO.  For example...

I have PO 12345 and all its header info,  I would now like to select items to add to the detail.

Would I create a List \ Dropdown or similar to select items and then be able to click or double click to place them on a Grid to show what is being added to the PO?  

I was thinking maybe a LocalEntity to store the data and once item entry is complete, write to the Server entity with a For Each?

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Just realized, Reactive has no Local Entities...would a structure work?

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Hi Frank,

To use either dropdown or List select is totally depends on what information as detail you want to add to PO since it is not very clear from the above information. However, Yes you can create a structure and can create list of records to hold the details of the item to save it further on Submit.  



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I see two ways.

One is a local variable of type OrderItem List that you manage independently from the server information.

The second is an PendingOrderItem entity on the server where you save user inputs and only transfer to final OrderItem entity on CreateOrder action.

Anyway, your decision will be based on OrderHeader. If it is a variable, do it on List. If is already on DB, do it on Database.

List is a bit faster and can work almost offline (connection speed is a non-issue),

DB has the advantage of being saved for later.