"AllowClicking", "Handler" and "StarClicked" do not appear

Hi everyone,

I'm following the guided path on "Becoming a Traditional Web Developer" and I'm working on exercise 8.4, which means I'm practicing with web blocks. As part of the assignment, I have to set the AllowClicking parameter of a certain web block named StarDisplay to True, set the Handler property to OnRatingEvent and set the StarClicked parameter to StarClicked:

However, these do not appear as properties when I open the StarDisplay block in my editor:

Does anyone know what to do?


I think you missed a part of the assignment.

Go back to the chapter Make the Stars in the Block Clickable. You forgot to create another Input Parameter for the StarDisplay Web Block.




About the Handler.

A little further in that same chapter there is an assignment to create an Event for the StarDisplay Web Block in order to be able to send notifications to the parent screen.

Make sure you followed all the steps.

Hope this helps!