Help in tutorials lessons

Hi everyone,

This is kind of embarassing, but i'm having some problems in a tutorial.

I'm doing the one were we "re use" some code, that in this case is the "header".

A few pages down in this tutorial is is asked us to determine the number of contacts associated with the category provided as
input parameter and output this value.

In page 6, in the section 2.3 in this point "d) Set the User Action ‘CategoryId’ input parameter to be the Screen input parameter., is where i'm having the problem.
Double-click on the ‘CategoryId’ input parameter label (in the Execute Action properties on the bottomright of your workspace) to launch the Expression Editor so that you can see all variables available on scope. Pick the ‘CategoryId’ screen input parameter (trough double-click).

I Think i've done this, but when i get to setp "j", is were i get the problem, because in my express editor window i don't have hanything like the photo in the tutorial.

Has you can see from my expression editor window i don't have the action that i created (Category_CountContacts) and that according to the tutorial it should appear.

Hi Nuno,

embarrassing is when you don't know, you don't ask and someone will need your help and you can't because you were a shame to ask. ;)

So regarding your question, did you grad the Category_CountContacts action to existing flow in  your preparation screen action?

Can you attached your espace here so i can take a look if the problem isn't that one?

(by the way, o like the photo that you're using :) )

Hi Ricardo,

I want to start by thanking you for the kind an encourajing words.

In attachement i'm sending you my project... i don't know if this is what you wanted, but here it goes.

Thanks for all.


Ps- how can you like my photo if i don't have any? LOL
Hi Nuno,

your problem was the NumContacts was design as an input parameter and it should be as an output parameter of the user action.

The espace in attached is already fixed.


( like the "Reservado" photo )

Hi Ricardo,

Dumb, dumb, dumb can i be?

In my defense i was tired, when i started this "lesson", so.....

Thanks very much for helping me.

PS- that "RESERVADO" is just awsome!
Glad i could Help.

Remember, just ask ;)