Dear All,

I'm having some issues importing permissions in the Enterprise Manager.
The main problem seems to be that some permissions that are used have the E-space name as a prefix and some don't.
Below are my permission area's:

And below the permissions the Enterprise Manager 'sees':

Somehow, for the two added permissions (ProjectEmployee & ProjectManager) only the prefix is added.

The ServiceCenter error says:
Node 'Collaborator FrontOffice' is set with a permission (ProjectEmployee) that does not exist.

I can currently import the permissions without problems in our Development environment,
but after a publish in our Test environment gives the import issues; (even after a republish).

In the past I've edited the ConfigurationData\GetConfigurationData actions; manually adding the permissions to it with the prefix (e.g. AbsencesManager.ProjectManager)

This fixes the issue but my questions remain:
- When is the E-space prefixed and when not in an added permission?
(I'm getting the idea one can only add permissions without prefix when using the Enterprise manager)
- What is the difference between the E-space prefixed permission and the one without a prefix (is the some global kind??)
Hi Eric,

Normally all Privileges in the Enterprise Manager correspond to a PermissionArea in an eSpace. The Privileges that correspond to PermissionAreas have the naming <eSpaceName>.<PermissionAreaName>.

What happens is that in the past the Enterprise Manager had a different naming - the Privileges simply had the <PermissionAreaName>. So I think what happened in your case is that you imported some PermissionAreas as Priveleges in older versions of the EnterpriseManager. That's why they show different namings.


Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

This is also what I suspected.

Thanks for your reply!
Hi Daniel

While we are on this topic, when deleting an eSpace application via ServiceCenter, the permission area will still show up in "EnterpriseManager" is there a better way to uninstall an eSpace without leaving any trace in EnterpriseManager?