Migration O10 Java to O11 .NET


I am studying how to migrate O10 Java to O11 .NET, and I couldn't understand one thing, 

I have an extension written in java, do I need to rewrite in C # before migrating to O11, or does the java code change to C # automatically?

articles i've read:




thank you.


Hi Agno,

You'll need to rewrite to C# if your extension only has Java code - your code won't be translated to C#. There's a paragraph on your second article:

  • Integration using Extensions: if moving between Java and .NET or vice-versa, extension code will need to be re-written / added. Extensions provided by OutSystems have code in both stacks, but it was explicitly written by us - if you coded your own (or used Extensions from the Forge), this is something you will need to worry about.

Thank you Afonso,
This means that if the extension configuration in Integration Studio is marked this way:

the code must be rewritten in C #, right?

I believe that's just a default option for your instance of Integration Studio - it's possible the extensions you're using have C# code in them.

I only have Integration Studio 11 installed, but it should be similar to your version:

If you open an extension in Integration Studio and check the Resources tab, you'll see a Source folder. If there's a NET folder in there with files using the ".cs" extension, you have C# code. If not, you probably have Java.

Thank you Afonso.