How can I save an image to a local variable and display it (without saving)


I´m having trouble saving an image to a local variable and the display it on the screen (without saving the image on the database). How can I do that?

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Look this example .oml


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You can create a Binary variable and in the image widget choice the Binary Data and the variable in the Image content

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Actually what I need to do is to display the image of a "subaction" the user chose, inside a popup (to create subactions), and display it. I can only save the image when I create the subaction.... And I´ve tried multiple ways to do it, but I can´t find one that doesn´t need the image to be saved in the database and then be displayed...

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Are you trying to show the image before upload her, aren't you?

Take a look at this post in the



Hi Camila,

Follow a sample.

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