[Reactive Multiple File Upload] The animation bar disappear at the first file upload completed
Forge component by José Pedro Proença

Hi Jose,

There is an issue with the animation bar. When I drag multiple files to the upload area, the animation bar appears. However, once the first file is completed, the animation bar disappears. In my case, the two large files will take sometime and it is really confusing as users think the upload is completed, But in fact, the upload is still in progress. 

I need the animation bar to be present, starting from first 1 uploading and ends at the completion of last file uploaded.



Hi George Qiao,

Thanks for your feedback.
We are uploading a new version that will fix the issue of the animation.

Please check our latest version of the component.



Hi everyone,

Based on the feedback from George Qiao and other developers, a new version of the component was just uploaded to the forge with the following change log:

Multiple File Upload with Temporary Table:

- Added New events to enable or disable the loading animation with more precision;

- Added Maximum number of files allowed per upload;

- Added Clear all files functionality;

Multiple File Upload Binary:

- Created a brand new block that allows you to get the binary files and manage the upload on your own application, without storing then on this component temporary table;

General improvements:
- Upgraded to the latest OutSystemsUI (version 2.6.9)

- Added Loading Animation block that can be used on other contexts

Please go ahead and try it :)

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Hi José, I am also having this issue despite downloading the update. I believe the issue is located at the event OnFileUpload in the FileUpload Block where the input value NumberOfFilesToUpload is always 0. This means that the final assign value for ShowLoading in the UploadFiles Action in MultipleFileUpload Block Causes the loading screen to turn off when the files have not finished loading. 

Do you know of any way that I could fix this? 


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