how to make a login form?

Hi all,

i have created a login form but i want to compare textbox username and password with database i am having anybody how to do this?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Rohan,

You can checkout the default Login screen of a Module. Inside the Login screen action you will find the following logic.

As you can see, there is a User_Login action inside this Action Flow. It contains all necessary checks including looking up the Username and Password inside the Database and many more additional checks. 

If you want to check it out yourself, you can open up a clone of the Users module and dive in the User_Login action logic. Here's a snapshot:

Hope this helps!



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Hi Rohan,

Out of curiosity, why would you want to do that? Any OutSystems Traditional-, Reactive- or mobile application comes with out-of-the-box user authentication with login and logout functionality.



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Adding top on that,

You can design your login screen and validate accordingly with DB,

1. Create a Login Screen

2. Create Login Entity in your DB

3. Call Data from Login Entity to validate with form data

4. and same for change password only need to store encrypted password in DB.

Please also follow the OutSystems recommendation if possible.

Each module has the below property to create your custom user management module and assign/map it to validate.

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Hi Rohan,

As "Daniel" said, why you are usign custom login, when you have already OS provide login.


Rahul Sahu


I just would like add this information:

The "Login Screen" is something that OutSystems provides out of the box when your are building an application. So you just need to understand and to manage users and grant roles. 

Suggestion: take a quick look on this lesson from the  Developing OutSystems Web Application course.

Another suggestion is, complete the 5-min tutorial on the IDE and see by yourself how the Login page is implemented. 

Note: Login screen is something offered out-of-box, you can always build and customize on top of it.  

Hope it helps.