Ability to exclude whole Applications from Solutions

Within our factory we have 4 applications that should never be included in publishes up to higher environments nor within factory-wide refreshes via Solution in Service Center. These applications are 2 Sandboxes, one for Reactive and one for Traditional, that allow developers to "play around" with ideas and 2 Applications that simply store old, deprecated modules for future reference, once again with one for reactive, and one for traditional.

Having a boolean value on an application that caused it to be ignored when generating solutions in Service Center or Deployment Plans in Lifetime would alleviate these concerns.


Hello Nick.

That would look great under the Operation section of the application. As long as users are notified so they don't complain for Solutionsxnot importing what they expected.

You should post that in the Ideas section of this Community.


Totally thought this was the ideas section....oops thanks haha. Moving it over, thanks.