External URL to Text / Binary function

External URL to Text / Binary function

Hi all,

Is there a way to retrieve an external site e.g. "http://www.google.com" and put the result in a (Text/Binary) variable?
(E.g. the Linux "wget" alternative for Outsystems)

I'm trying to communicate with a WebIO device, using the HTTP protocol.

Mind that I don't want this page to be displayed; only to be opened and I want to process it's contents.
Hmm Looking into the HttpGet, HttpBinaryGet and HtmlToText functions now; these can be found in RichMail.
I think these functions might do what I want.

I'm just wondering what these are doing in the RichMail extension.
(I would expect them either in a separate extension or like parts of the HTTPRequestHandler extension in the Enterprise Manager)
Hi Eric,

With HttpGet action in the RichMail extension you can simply get the text content of the HTTP response.

If you are working with Binary Content, you would probably also want to take a look at the BinaryDataToText action in the BinaryData extension.


Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.
I answered my own question when I was investigating the RichMail function.
It indeed works very good.

Perhaps it's a good idea to move this functionality to a more logic location. :)


Hi Eric

The reason why these actions are in the RichMail extension is that, historically, they were created to complement the email sending/receiving process (typically to create / attach content to emails and/or to convert HTML in emails to legible content).

Obviously these have other purposes, but I suppose that is the main reason they were left there.

Hi Acacio,

Thanks for your reaction.
I didn't get an E-mail on your reaction; so I'm sorry for my late reation.

I can imagine that refactoring of these functions can be problematic since a lot might depend on it.
I think adoption as a Built-in  function in the platform might be a good idea to avoid a refactor and put this function in the right place.

(I knew it was out there somewhere; but its kind of hard to find the function witout bothering you or the community)

I've created several functions to control a Web-IO device: 

See my example video (sorry for the bad quality)
Can any one give me a sample action of how to post request data to the external url.