Fusion Charts Dynamically loaded on div

Fusion Charts Dynamically loaded on div

I'm having problems loading an HTML page with a chart by to a div calling "load()" function of jquery. For some reason in Internet Explorer I get the following error when trying to load the page: " Error Deserializing ViewState of page "ASP.<bogus_aspx"), size 1045 bytes ("eNqdkE1Owz..."). Invalid character in a Base-64 string."

If I render the full page theres is no problem, but loading it inside a div dynamically returns the quoted error.

This problem only occurs on Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are able to render the chart without any problem...

Does any one have a clue about what could be the problem or how it can be solved?


Hugo Noro.
Hi Pedro.

Sorry for taking so long to answer. Since nobody seems to have bumped into that sort of behavior so far, I did a Google search on my own, since that seems to be an ASP.NET / jQuery error.

I found this:


and apparently also




Hope it helps.


Paulo Tavares