beta version does not start up anymore


Suddenly I cannot start the beta version anymore,

I see its loading and then the programm seem to chrash and disappear without any message.

How can I find out what is going wrong here?


Hi Roelof.

Beta version of what? If it is some Early Access, better talk with who gave it to you.

If it is regular Service Studio, check at the Installer folder the log file to see if you got a new version recently by auto-update.

And have you tried restarting the computer?

sorry, I was talking about the beta version of service studio , which I downloaded at this site,

I have looked at the directories but no logs can be found. 

and also rebooting my computer makes no difference 


I have instalation logs in C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\Logs

Can you install and open the General Availability version? Just to check if it is some file/update missing in beta version or any SS.



I think I did it myself. 

Ignoring error: Visual C++ 2015 Runtime Libraries x86 installer failed with error code 1638

I remember I uninstalled that one after installation because I thought it belonged to another programm