Is the popup widget gone on the reactive apps ? 

I cannot find it anymore. 



Roelof Wobben wrote:


Is the popup widget gone on the reactive apps ? 

I cannot find it anymore. 


It is there.


Found it.  Had selected the wrong screen. 

But now I wonder why I do not see the popup when I click on the new customer button

Put the popup widget after the list .

Hi Roelof,

I have implemented pop up in your attached oml. 

check - Sample Screen 

Hope this help.

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yep, the only thing I do not get to work is to close the modal when I press the submit button 

Hi Roelof,

Did you create the 

a) icon to close the modal and 

b) screen action linked to it for the closing of the modal?


How to create a modal for web screen

1. You need to drag the modal widget to your webscreen and give it a name.

2. Create a button to open the modal and a Icon or a expression inside the modal to close it.

3. Create a screen action "OpenOrClose" and inside drag the toggle modal widget and pass the name your your Modal.Id

4. Assign the destination to the button and the expression in your modal to your OpenOrClose screen action

5. dont forget also to put to the button and expression the method Ajax submit




I made the save button where  I after the save action , make a assign where I set the visibility to false. 

Processing Upload...

You are setting a local variable to the block, and therefore the variable that is controlling the visibility of the popup is never changed.

An approach to accomplish it the way you designed is to trigger an event on the block and on the screen you catch that event and toggle the variable value.

Attached is your oml with a working example as described before.

Thanks, but I cannot see the oml , still see-ing processing upload 

almost working. The only thing I do not see is how to make it work that if I choose a customer I can pass the number so the right data is shown in the popup

Let's see if the upload works fine now

it works, but still I do not see a way I can parse the customerId to the detailScreen so it displays the right customer.