multiple external style sheets

Hello there,

Does anyone know if it is possible to enter more than 1 External Stylesheet in the eSpace Properties?
If yes, how?

thanx very much,
Martha van de Berg
Hi Martha,

You can put this at the top of your eSpace CSS to import other CSS's.

@import url("/eSpaceName/web.css");

Be aware that this will work in runtime althought you will not see the imported styles in the drop down in Service Studio.
But if you are using 5.0 you can type a style even if it is not on the drop down list.

Tiago Simões

Thank you very much Tiago!

Is there a way to already 'show'/import the  @import url(" /eSpaceName/web.css"); in ServiceStudio while working on the espace that will import the web.css?

Like you said, the css is imported at runtime... it looks perfectly once the espace is published to the server, but while working in ServiceStudio the layout doesn't look very nice ... this interferes with the work.. any thoughts on this?

thanx in advance,
Martha van de Berg

Hi Martha,

For the time being the only way to show the imported css in the eSpace is to manually add it to the eSpace CSS thus making the import obsolete.