HI I'm working on implementing bright-cove player in Mobile app. For some reason the videojs is not working in Outsystems Mobile app. 


Sample JS Code : https://codepen.io/team/rcrooks1969/pen/jzmWzL

This is working fine in web app where I'm able to see the app in browser., but when i try the same in the Mobile app it is not working 

In the mobile app the videojs tag is not working and I'm not getting any players initialized.

Any pointers on this issue would be helpful

Hi Gopinath,

You share some documentation and code and browser log to support your question. What would be best to share is the OML or OAP file so someone could have a look and try to fix the error.

Without that, it will not be easy for someone to give you help. One would basically have to do all the steps you did to include videojs.js.