SQL database

Is there any way to connect to a SQl database to get it's existing table? I am using the community version.

Can I connect to the existing database & import? The password & user does not work with SQL studio manager
Hi Art

You can import existing tables from a SQL database and use them in your OutSystems applications easily with Integration Studio. Check this tutorial that you can find in the demos page:

Before running through the video, you just need to do some easy steps before being able to see the data sources in the wizard:
  • If you will be using a separate database ("Catalog") In the same SQL Server, you need to grant some privileges to the Agile Platform database users. Specifically, both OSAdmin and OSRuntime will need datareader and datawriter privileges (the latter only if you wish to write data in your tables).
  • If you will be using a database in a different SQL Server, you need to create the connection to it. You do it in Service Center (http://localhost/ServiceCenter) by accessing Administration -> Database Connections and specifying server name and the credentials of a database user.
Please reply if you run into any problems doing this, or would like a better explanation of the exact steps.

like this topic, i'm reading lots of others, all with "the solution" for importing existing database.
But what about just connecting to an existing sql-express dbf, and just use Outsystems for creating io-windows?

Just want to build  goodlooking, functional website where users can list/export/edit data

Is that possible, in anyway?

Thanx, Peter (dutch-guy, explains the poor english)
Hi Peter,

Actually most of the topics are on how to connect to external databases and use them directly which is what you are looking for, if I understood correctly.
You can do that with Integration Studio, just check the video Acácio mentioned above or check the Integration Studio documentation here.

Is this what you are looking for?

Tiago Simões