[OutSystems UI Web] Accessing 'Choices' methods (DropdownSelect)

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Published on 24 Aug by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 24 Aug by OutSystems R&D

Good morning,

I'm currently working with the DropdownSelect widget. I'd like to know if it is possible to make the 'choices' variable available in the global scope so we can access the available methods.

If I'm missing something or if I can access these methods in a different way, let me know.


Hi Ruben,

I did an oml some days ago on DropDownSearch in Reactive, that is also based on the choices library.  I'm attaching the oml.  I think it works the same for DropDownSelect in OutSystemsUIWeb.

Basically, you can give options through the AdvancedFormat property.

For example, choices has the option to limit to number of entries shown that fit the searchstring, you would have this in your AdvancedFormat to set it to 5 :

{searchResultLimit: 5}

Hope this helps,


Hello Dorine,

Thanks for your comment and the .oml

In fact, I was trying to access the methods inherited by choices. The simple fact of moving choices variable to the global scope...

... enable us to access these: