I am trying to add overlay shadow to side menu navigation drawer, but failing to do so. Id I add box shadow to menu, it doesn't appear in app. Currently I am developing progressive web app for mobile, which is a reactive app. 

How it currently is: 

How it should be:

Does anyone can suggest something? 

Thank you!

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Hi Sandra,

You need add css on "container-nevigation"-

add css on this -


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.container-nevigation{ border: 1px solid rgb(8, 76, 154) !important;
background: rgb(157, 199, 247) !important;
color: rgb(8, 76, 154) !important;

You can change color accordingly.


Rahul Sahu

Hi Rahul, 

I added this CSS to nav widget extended class: 

     box-shadow: 10px 0 0px rgba(0, 1, 0, 0.1);

Shadow appears on menus left side, but it is also visible when menu is closed. 

Do you have any idea, how to fix it? 

Thank you!

Best regards,