Friday Fun: Service Studio Easter Egg

There is one in 5.0 but you have to find it.
Here's a tip that can help: it's about how to control your wheel.
Kudos for the first one who finds it, lame is the one who reveals it.
So funny ... Great :)
In the same spirit, can someone here please start a full blown training tutorial of a real life application, maybe on a weekly basis breaking down the application. Would be a nice friday treat for when there are no "big" plans to waste the weekend away...
I hope such a task can be shared amonst the established developers who will expand on the methods used to achieve this task

For an application, I hope the community can chip in on ideas, one that will encompass the majority of what is achievable in agilePlatform.

Nice Picture !
so funny and well hidden
Nice one! 

My question is, there are more? :)
Nice :)

I've been doing that since v5.0. Has it really gone with p10?

There is a new one in P10. This one is not about scrolling, but about going home.

Another egg is hidden,
Under the sweatest button,
The one you thought was useless,
But once you do discover it,
It should remain nameless.

So guys - here's something fun:

Whoever finds our most recent easter egg AND sends me a screenshot through PRIVATE MESSAGE, will receive a surprise prize... :)

Here is the deal, if you disclose any hints or say where it can be found.. you're disqualified. So, keep the hunt fun for everyone else!

Waiting to receive your messages!   

Carla Sofia

Community Manager

We found the easter egg!