connect to Microsoft CRM Dynamics database from Outsystems modules using AZURE AD aut

Hi, I would like to create a azure app to connect to crm from outsystem but I can't find a infromation on how i can do it.

I followed following but it doesnt work.

Microsoft Azure
1 - Register an App on the Azure Portal and get the App Id (Client Id).

2 - Add to Reply URLs the follow links: https://YourEnvironment/MicrosoftLoginConnector/Callback.aspx https://YourEnvironment/NameOfYourApp/Callback.aspx

3 - In Required Permissions:
Enable in Windows Azure Active Directory the access to 2 permissions Read all users' basic profiles and Sign in and read user profile.
Add Dynamics CRM Online and enable the access to 1 permission: Access Dynamics 365 as organization users. Save the permissions and after click on Grant permissions to your Application.

4 - Go to Keys and generated a Client Secret, copy and save it Following are the details of the applications and URLs :-


Hi Mohammad,

Please next time, post in the Forge component support page, in your case the MicrosoftLoginConnector. The component team will be notified about your support request.

Regarding step 2: Just to be sure, you replaced "YourEnvironment" with your actual environment name.

When you say it doesn't work, what part doesn't work. Can you share screen shots or error log messages?



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