Upgrade dependent outsystems applications

I am trying to download the one signal plugin sample application into my personal environment which is ver11. 

I installed one signal plugin already. In the service studio when it analyze the dependencies, it shows error for Outsystems UI to be in compatible and asking me to force install else upgrade Outsystems UI.

I would like to know

  1. How to check the version of the dependent apps in service studio

2. How to upgrade an application to latest version

3. In my above case shall I proceed with the force install

Hello Vinoth.

There are two reasons to it to ask you to "force" installation of OutSystems UI.

First, is that you (or the outsystems team) may have performed updates on the environment and it was published locally.

Second, is that there are applications on your environment that depends on it, and upgrading them may "potentially", break those applications. Usually you need to perform a publish of all your applications when upgrading OutSystems UI and other parts of the framework.

If you go to the "black" tab in Service Studio, the Forge, and finds an application that is installed in your environment, it will check if it needs to upgrade (and if it can do it). It will also check the dependencies and if you have anything you need. If you force install, and something is missing, it will be also installed.



I did force install and in manage dependency, it asked me to do refresh. And after refresh, the module is looking good now.

Thanks for the inputs.

You're welcome! :)