Send Mail with attached files

Send Mail with attached files



I want send emails with attached files using RichMail Extension.
I saw the next page: but the example it says there to view no longer exists.
Can you, please, put an example using RichMailPartN?


Hi Maria,

welcome to our community...

What version of the platform you are using?


Thank you.

Now, we are using 4.2, but after we want migrate to 5.1.

Hi Cristina,

I had the same need to create an attachment and found the same broken link as you did. Since your post is a couple of months old I don't know if you ever figured it out. After spending several hours on it this afternoon I did figure out for our 4.2 Java system. I think it should still work on 5.1 .Net.

Attached is an OML file that you can use as a starting point.


Alex C.

Hi Alex.

I'll see.
Thank you very much.