Extension O10 java to O11 .NET

Hi Community,

I'm going to start migrating my platform from 10 (java) to 11 and I would like to know what I need to do with my extension, which is made in java.

1 - After I install platform 11, when I republish my extension, will it be transformed to .NET automatically?

2 - Should I do something with my extension before installing platform server 11?

My extension, Built on the J2EE application server:


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Sorry to disappoint you, but you will have to recreate the extension yourself in c#.
Java and C# are different programming languages (although very similar also)

If it's a relatively simple extension, it will be pretty easy to do so.
If you are using specific java-libraries, it might be a bit tougher to do so.

I am sure it will be OK, after all you have made a java extension yourself.

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I understand J, I will do that, thanks for the answer.

I have another question, I have another extension just to connect on an external base, also made in J2EE only.

Do I need to recreate too?

If so, can I mark the new extension as Both .NET and J2EE?

Thank you.

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Afaik you do not to recreate that, if it's really just tables.