Positioning the cursor in Service Studio 5.0

Positioning the cursor in Service Studio 5.0

Hi all,

I'm using the new Service Studio
I'm having some problems in positioning the cursor after a container. In old Service Studio 4.2 what I used to do was:
1º- select the container
2º- click on the right arrow on my keyboard

After these steps the cursor would be positioned after the container.

In the new Service Studio if I do this, it simply selects whatever object is inside the container.
Is there a new way to do the previously mentioned steps?

Hi Gonçalo,

It is true that in Service Studio 5.0, when you select a container and then press the right arrow, you "drill-in" to the inner-content of the container - this makes sense from a "content hierarchy" perspective. In order to position the cursor right after a specific content,  you have two possibilities:
  1. You navigate with the right arrow until you reach the end of the inner-content of the container;
  2. You can select the content after and press the left arrow (you go back).
I just want to add a Service Studio usability tip - you can use the Outline Mode to clearly view the borders of all containers in your Web Editor - this will help you identify and select each container individually (see the image below).

I agree that there is space for improvement here.

Why not posting a possible solution for this problem as an idea in the What features you would like to have in the Agile Platform community brainstorm?
You'll have my Digg :) .


Daniel Lourenço
Thanks for the feedback Daniel.
I also discovered that you can paste something inside a container if you just click on the container (no need to click inside the container and go through all of it's elements) and then do the Ctrl+V.
If you can also use Ctrl+Right, and Ctrl+Left, that go to the next/previous widget at the same hierarchy level, without drilling down inside

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra