[IdP Mobile] iDP depenceny
Forge component by Telmo Martins

Hello, I see this module gives me an update option, but says the idP is not compatible (dependency 4.2.0), but we have the latest version. If I go to that module it shows I have latest (4.2.5) installed.

Is this a bug or I'm missing something?


Hi Diego,

We are talking about two components.

IdP Mobile : latest stable version is v2.2.1

IdP : latest stable version is v4.2.5

You are on the latest version of IdP 4.2.5, but NOT having the latest version of IdP Mobile 2.2.1. As the IdP Mobile is not on the latest stable release, it is giving the option to update. However, it has dependency on the older core component IdP 4.2.0. 

During update pre-check, it detects the dependency has higher version installed than the supported one. And, so the case.



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