[LeafletJS - Reactive] Warning in staging
Forge component by Vincent Koning
Published on 22 Jun 2020


I promoted the component to another environment and the deployment finished with warning:

It's a minor functionality about the library itself :

"VML functionality exists only for backwards compatibility with old versions of Internet Explorer."

-from Leaflet documentation

The reference that appears to be causing this warning is in a CSS class:

.lvml {
    >>behavior: url(#default#VML);<<
    display: inline-block;
    position: absolute;

I think this can be removed from the component without impact.

Kind regards,

Leandro Oliveira

Hi Leandro,

Although I agree that this could be removed I want to stay as pure Leaflet as possible as long as possible. That means that I will take their sources and use these without any changes (if possible), including CSS. The only changes made to CSS are the images locations.

So although we get a warning it's just that, a warning. It doesn't impact behavior or security. The best route to get this part removed of Leaflet is by creating an Issue on github. I will therefor not remove this part of CSS.

Kind regards,


Hi Vincent,

Although I understand your motivations I point out that this is a Outsystems component and it makes no sense in opening an issue on github for removing/commenting out part of the CSS that is causing a warning here.


I think it would make sense if there was really a bug in the code.

Thanks for the reply.

Kind regards,