I needed to create a custom camera plugin but did not find anything of help.

Hi Ravi,

Why do you need to create a custom camera plugin? 

There are already camera plugins for mobile.

Anyhow, there is training material that should get you going:



Thanks, Daniel.

Actually I got an assignment to do so. I am new to Outsystems and js, although having good experience in Native iOS app development.  

I tried very hard but not able to create custom camera plugin.

If anybody can help me in same, It will be a great help.


Ravi Kumar

Hi Ravi,

Well, I myself would not start coding something already available in the OutSystems Forge, unless it totally does not fit the requirements I have.

But I could download https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1390/camera-plugin and have a look at the OutSystems implementation of the camera plugin. This plugin also works for PWA.

Then you can decide to make your own version.