Problem connecting to localhost

Problem connecting to localhost


Hi everyone,

Yesterday i had a problem with my computer wich made me change the name of my computer.

Now i cannot connect to localhost. The database that i'm using is in my machine. I can access my database using the the sql server (because i've already changed the server name - that is the same of my computer), but using outsytems i can't. Whenever i try to publish he tries to connect to the localhost and fails.

I problably have to change something, but i don't know where.

Does anyone knows what i have to do?


Don't know how, but problem solved. :)
Hi Nuno,

I can confirm that I've had the same problem you've described after installing Service Studio and the Platform server

Connecting to the Platform server running local seemed to have changed.
It looks like the Platform Server isn't listening to all local 'interfaces' anymore.
I guess these 'hosts' below should be equivalent:
  • localhost
  • Satellite (my local computer name)
I've noticed that if you go to the Service Center / Administration / Front-End-Servers your localhost computername will be mentioned there (as a DNS name).
I believe I used to connect to "localhost" instead of my DNS name.
Now, I seem to only be able to connect to my local DNS name (Satellite) which is registered as the Front-End-Server.

I'm not sure but you might need to rerun the config tool or restart the deployment server + controller (and log) after you've changed this.