How to set password for compressed files

I used the built-in 'Zip' to create the compressed file. However, it cannot set the password protection anymore since 2008. I also tried to use the 'Bigzip'  forge being traditional web app but failed. 

My application is reactive web app and runs under cloud environment.

Please advise how I can set the password for zip file.

Hi Jessica,

Without looking at the two Zip components you tried, what is exactly your problem?

Don't the components support setting a password, or you don't know-how, or you get an error message.



Hi Daniel,

I am seeking for the compress files with password protection. 

The existing built-in 'ZIP' does not have password protection feature 

'BigZip' forge also doesn't work in the cloud environment since it need create temp directory when doing 'ZipSave' action.

Any ideas how to do compress files with password protection in the cloud environment?

Thank in advance