Missing NullTime() function?

Missing NullTime() function?

Hi All,

Since I was just missing out on a NullTime() function; here is a tiny design that does the trick:

Don't forget to:
  • Set the response as a time type
  • Set the type to function (if you want make it public)

You should be able to use it just like the NullDate() function.
Thanks for the tip, Eric. That in fact does the trick.

I would just add the following remarks:
  • You probably want to put that function as public in a separate Utils eSpace (this way you can reuse it in all your apps);
  • If you are a purist, you should base the NullTime value in the NullDateTime value :)

Thanks again!

Daniel Lourenço
Hi Daniel,

The first tip is a good  one; actually I've put it referenced "Library" E-space but "What's in a name..."

I've indeed been thinking about your second note in this; there might be a difference in this,
especially if there is a (Secretly hidden) Null flag given to the Time variable.
Can you confirm this?

Anyway; I like your assignment better so I'll change mine. (With that I also apologise for being a purist) ;)
Hi Eric,

There is no hidden flag regarding NullValues. The functions simply returns a "known value" that is assumed to be Null by the applications.

Thanks again!