setup a Outsystems premise environment + Database


I want setup a Outsystems premise environment and setup database in one PC.

Anyone of you can guide me? any step by step instruction?

Thank you

Setting up OutSystems server needs experience and can't just be done without any training or instructions. It;s somewhat complex and high possibility of messing up something here.  If you have licence for an on premise env then I suggest contacting OS support or your relationship manager for assistance. They can surely help you out with this . 


The detailed instruction for Platform Server installation is available at

You can download "Installation Checklist EN" and follow the steps. This is a time taking activity but of course you will succeed :) btw you will be required to upload a license after successful installation in order  to  operate the platform.

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Hi Jing Tung,

Check out the Setting Up OutSystems Guide for On-Premises environments in order to understand how to do a Platform Server installation. 

As mentioned by Tushar, it is advisable that this installation is done by an OutSystems Support Engineer/Platform Engineer.

Each Platform Server installer has its corresponding installation checklist attached in which all the required steps are described.

Hope this helps.