Editable Table not reflecting correctly on row save action

Hello All,

Currently I am developing an Editable Table which allow me to choose the Approval Level in the first combobox (with IDs populated from aggregate in preparation) and Approver in the second combobox (with Approvers populated directly from a server action and implemented in preparation).

My concern is that, why the approval level values and approver values refresh incorrectly in the editable table when I tried to onrowsave it. 

E.g. Currently the approval table has Approval Level1 - Approver1, Approval Level1 - Approver2. Then when i try to produce invalid record like add Approval Level3 - Approver2 / Approval Level2 Approver3, that invalid messages for the combobox of the row just messed up and display incorrectly. Also, the newly added record will be having incorrect Approver(replicating the original table's first record).



Can you share some prints or the module (oml file) to try to help you better?




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