Platform Server Upgrade - Can't delete Lifetime


I am trying to remove the old lifetime from a environment running the new version of platform server.

The lifetime already installed in a dedicated environment. But not configured yet. 

I want to remove from the old environment that had lifetime installed. But in the service center this option is not available.

Any sugestion how can i do that? 


The application Is disable. Can you try to enable first and try to delete before enabling it?

You can follow these steps to "Remove the infrastructure management console from an environment":



Hi James,

Disabling LifeTime suffices if you don't want it to run anymore on that specific environment. If you want to clean up all LifeTime configuration, you need to execute the SQL statement mentioned in this documentation on the Platform Database.

If have used it before at a client when we migrated our environment from OutSystems 10 to 11.

Hope this helps!