Missing Referenced Actions?

Missing Referenced Actions?

Hi guys.
I was watching tutorial on youtube called "Build a web application in 4 minutes" and in the middle of the video that lady adds Feedback_Message action from RichWidgets.
My problem starts here :)
In my window i can see the Referenced Actions folder but looks like its empty.
I didn't get any error during the installation and everything seems ok.
Is there anything else i need to download or any way to enable RichWidgets?
I have attached screenshot.
Thanks in advance


EDIT: Is this what i need to install "OutSystems Style Guide"?
hello Matt

Welcome to Outsystems world  : )

If you cant find in your servicecenter the oml RichWidgets( under tab Factory ) . you need to install it. In Components  you can download the OutSystems Style Guide acording to your  server version.
After publish Styleguide in your server you just need to add the reference in your project  to RichWidget. ( File  > Add/Remove References ).

Best Regards
Bruno Rebelo

Thank You so much :) Everythings there now :) Thanks again