Validating data in text widget


I have a text box that I would like to validate if the user has input data with number i.e.

Valid - John

Invalid - John3

The validation is not automatically identifying that the data is alphanumeric. Is there a built in function that can check if text has number or special characters?

Thanks in advance


OutSystems button click have a validation method,

Client & Server will check the data type & data of controls - so if you have text field with text data type and if you entered number then it will prompt error.

You can try something like this to not let the user type in anything other than required data: 

Demo here : 

Is this what you are after ? 



Hi Otis Brown ,

also you can restrict user to put digits in inputs.

use regex_search like 

^[a-zA-Z ]*$

it will check only text string.


Rahul Sahu


you can use one of several input mask that you can find on Forge or you can do a Regex Action, you have some funtions that able to do this.

I can share more information, but I will need know what kind of app you're building (Web, Mobile, React)