Problems after upgrading OutSystemsSampleData

Hi all !

This morning I upgraded my OutSystemsSampleData with the latest one.

Now I have a red cross on "OutSystemsSampleDataDB" telling me that "This Module uses broken references. You should open the Module, refresh its references, and then publish it".

The error detail is "something" on the table "Sample_Employee" ... but I don't understand the reason ?

Can someone help me to fix the problem ?

Hi Luca, it's true...

In one of my projects I have the same issue, if I find a solution I will share with you.



The error is on OutSystemsSampleDataDB or the UI that this component used to have? Because that Sample_Employee is inside OutSystemsSampleDataDB so is strange that is mention as a reference.

Looks like you aren't the only with the same problem and Outystems staff already answered here




The Sample_Employee entity was changed (removed field Picture). You just need to refresh it and stop using this attribute.

thanks for the replyes ...

the problem is that the OutSystemsSampleData and the OutSystemsSampleDataDB are "locked" and I can publish just a "clone" of them.

is there a way to "unlock" them, modify them and republish them again ?

Sorry ... I never do that ...

Hello Luca,

Where did you have that problem? In your module? Can you just refresh the reference and remove this attribute (Picture).