[Ultimate PDF] Ultimate PDF performance issue

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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes

Hello Team,

We noticed a severe performance issue when using the Ultimate PDF extension.

We have several environments (DTAP). On D it goes well, the TAP environments it doesn't.

The performance on D is around the 2 seconds. On TAP it's 22 seconds for each PDF.
I went into the rabbit hole to do debugging on our Test server. I can follow the process but when it gets to:

line 111: await page.GoToAsync(url, NavigationOptions);
It stops responding for approx. 22 seconds.
The (report)page it's loading is only active for 600ms. So no delay there.

My other obervations:
* TAP don't have an internet connection. But the chromium is in the folder.
* It seems to be since one of the last updates but that's hard to say.
* We use the latest version of Ultimate PDF 2.0.2
* We use chromium revision 719523 (I don't know if there is one advised by you)
* There are no settings configured for the new settings (LocalServerHostname and LocalServerProtocol).

I hope you can help me with this because we made the switch to UltimatePDF a while ago and going back to HTML2PDF is not an easy thing for us.

We are seeing the exact same behavior. On DEV, everything goes very fast. In any other environment, we get timeouts. It takes up to 25 seconds to get a PDF, which is way past the Reactive web timeout threshold.

Any ideas?