Cannot close modal window when flow ends on download

I am trying to do excel download where user can give name for the file before download.

  1. I have a file name dialog (FileDialog), which is modal
  2. From download button (icon top right) shows modal dialog (calls: ShowAndHideFileDialog) > Ajax Submit
  3. Close -button closes window (calls: ShowAndHideFileDialog) > Ajax Submit


  • Save -button starts file download for the browser, but does not close the modal (ToggleModal does not work)
  • You cannot use Ajax Submit, because you get error 

Question: Any idea how to make download and close modal window in same flow?

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Hi Jukka,

I made sample oml based on your condition.

Use demo from here Download And close model

1.You need to use extra button to download file.

2. on save button use ajax button an call widget for download button.


Rahul Sahu


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Hi Jukka, 

yes i know but i dont think so there is other way we can do, because i tried another way but it is not working.

and this button is not show on UI mena browser also you can put link as blank and it is also working same.


Rahul Sahu