Agile for linux?

Agile for linux?


Hi. Do you plan to relase Agile for linux? Or maybe theres something like that already?

EDIT: Im using ubuntu and "Ask the Community" link is moved down under "Ask OutSystems" link
You can see it in attached image.
We do have "Agile for Linux"! :-)

Our Java version is designed to run under Redhat Enterprise Linux 5. This is only for the server part and does not include the client tools such as Service Studio but, the matter of fact, is that this what our customers have been requesting.

If you want to give it a try check it out here

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Thanks for your reply :)
I was just wonderning if theres Service Studio for linux :)
Would be great to use "SS" on ubuntu :)
Yes it would! Everytime I come here (forum) I search if there are news about SS on linux.

I hope maybe one day....