I changed my password in my platform and now i can't connect to my service studio. I don't know what to do


what error appear? 

It's your personal environmental or a corporate environmental?



"There was an error connecting to 'bruno-guidetti.outsystemscloud.com': Invalid username/password". But I can acess my Platform Home in https://www.outsystems.com/home/ , normally. The problem is that I lost all of my acess to other Environments, like Service Center, LifeTime, and I don't know how to have this acess back. 

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Sorry, I forgot to tell that is a personal environment.


This was solved by OutSystems support. There was a sync error on their side. If you still have the issue, then it means they only solved it.

I'd suggest you contact Support (support@outsystems.com) and they point them in the right direction to solve your problem.


Okay, I will open a support case and try to call to them tomorrow morning, but for now thanks for your help. When i get the answer to solve this problem i'll get back and tell the steps to solve this.

Best Regards.